Joint Venture Flips

We acquire single-family residential homes and opportunistic small commercial properties located in Southern California. We acquire, joint-venture with investors, renovate and
sell properties for profit.

Wholesale Real Estate Deals

If you are an experienced flipper looking for more inventory, our buying team can help you. Our wholesale deals have been underwritten and inspected and are under contract in our name. We are a direct source. 





What Makes Us Unique

  • Deep management experience with over 7000 SFR transactions in last 8 years.

  • Focus on buying deals from the MLS and off-market through the extensive network of contacts developed in last 9 years at the largest flipper in Southern California.

  • Multi-level appraisal verification process.

  • Infrastructure capabilities to conduct research and inspect every open market purchase to minimize construction cost risk.

  • Thousands of purchases - thorough understanding of the risk of buying flips and how to manage that risk for minimum exposure.

  • Comprehensive in-house experience including construction, property management and sales functions.

Joint Ventures

We work with investors to structure investments that fit their portfolio’s needs. We accept funding from investors in several different loan structures:

  1. Straight interest loans - We can place investor capital into specific deals at fixed yield/interest rates and terms. For 1st Trust deeds we offer 7-9% interest and for 2nd Trust deeds we offer 10-12% interest. Rates will vary depending on leverage and term of the loan. We can combine lenders to fund specific deals.

  2. Profit participation lending - We also offer an investment where you will put up the capital for a specific project/flip and share in the profit (in lieu of a fixed interest rate) – this can produce higher yields but does not guarantee the minimum interest rates in the fixed loan product.

  3. Managed fund - This is for investors willing to invest a minimum of $1,000,000. For this type of investment we set up an LLC owned 100% by the investor and managed by Besorat Investments Inc. All properties are bought and sold in the LLC and Besorat Investments Inc. earns a share of the profit at the sale of each flip. This type of investment has a history of performing strongly and should give the investor the strongest returns.

  4. Rental portfolios - Interested in buying residential and/or commercial rental properties? Besorat works closely with investors to identify and purchase the right rental properties to build your portfolio. Besorat also provides property management services to maintain your portfolio.

Transparency - With all of our investments our investors get:

Loan investors - weekly email reports on the progress of their specific project and monthly reports on the financial status of the project.

Managed Fund investors- weekly email reports on the progress of their specific project and 24/7 access to our on-line accounting platform to be able to access reports and financial data 24/7.